Stockholm: The High-Stakes Robbery Film You Probably Missed

Stockholm: The High-Stakes Robbery Film You Probably Missed

Americans do the craziest things.

On August 23, 1973 an Swedish criminal named, Jan-Eric Olsson entered a bank and proceeded to hold everyone present as hostage, at gunpoint. He then demanded that the police bring his friend, Clark Olofsson to the bank to assist him. The two bonded with the four hostages during the holdup, the hostages even going so far as to try and protect Olsson and Olofsson. The situation was ended and the two apprehended through the use of teargas. No hostages were harmed. Olsson received ten years but Olofsson was released, as he did not instigate and was brought into the situation by the police. Olofsson became good friends with the one hostage and her family, visiting them several times.

A wild story from start to finish. It seems right that they would make this into a high stakes robbery film. Stockholm is directed by Robert Budreau. The film stars Ethan Hawke as Jan-Eric Olsson and Mark Strong as Clark Olofsson. The character names are all different and the major change from the true story is that the character based off of Olsson is actually American instead of Swedish. I guess Americans couldn’t stand the idea of someone from another country getting up to some crazy shenanigans.

Overall the film did well in theatres when it was released in April but flew under the radar for many mainstream audiences. Guess we were all distracted with Avengers End Game. That being said, Stockholm looks smart, funny, dramatic, and self aware. Check out the trailer and if you get a chance, watch the film for yourself.

By Mya Anderson