Dissecting the Father-Daughter Relationship

What causes us to disconnect from the ones that create us? Be it from God or parents or siblings. Is it disappointment? A feeling of betrayal? Or simply feeling like they were never there for you in the first place? All of these questions are called to mind by the trailer for Like Father.

Like Father is a Netflix original film that stars Kristen Bell, Seth Rogan, and Kelsey Grammer. The film’s premise is simple. Kristen Bell’s character, Rachel is about to get married when her estranged Father (Grammer) shows up. During this time, Rachel is left at the altar and flees the wedding; meeting up with her father who she has not seen since she was five. The two get wasted together and end up on the cruise that was supposed to be for Rachel’s honeymoon. Rachel and her father are now embarking on a tense reunion that will bring up old feelings of disappointment and betrayal. Rachel must decide whether or not she wants to allow her father back into her life after all the years in which she managed on her own.

Father-daughter relationships are fascinating, and the chemistry between Grammer and Bell is palatable. They fight, they curse, and they drink. However, underneath all of this, is a longing for the real connection of a father and daughter. Along for the ride is Seth Rogen, in his typical clueless funnyman role. From the trailer he appears to be the outside eye looking in on the drama, and also serves as someone for Bell to sleep with. Like Father presents itself as a heartwarming comedy drama. We will have to see if they pull off the dramatic material along with the jokes. For now we are intrigued. Check out the trailer for Like Father yourself.