"Just Mercy" in a World of Injustice

Okay, but am I going to watch anything that Michael B. Jordan is in? Yes. But is he also choosing films and projects that are culture shaking and impacting positive change? Completely ignoring Fan4stic, yes. Yes, he is. All joking completely aside, watch the trailer and be ready to be shaken to your very core. 

Just Mercy is a film directed by Destin Daniel Cretton and is based on the real-life trial of Walter Mcmillian who, with the help of a young defense attorney named Bryan Stevenson, works to overturn his murder conviction. The film stars powerhouses, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Foxx, and Brie Larson.

For every group of people, there is at least one film, if not hundreds, that they can point to and say “that wasn’t for me.” Very rarely do they have the forethought to say, “That wasn’t meant for me.” Just mercy is not a film that was made for me. It is made for people that grew up relating to the situations in the film. A corrupt and racially-biased justice system, a courtroom of ears that refuse to hear. “When you’re guilty from the day that you’re born.” The words of Jamie Foxx’s character cut like a knife. 

Even if this film is not made for you, please try it. Films that are not made for us can open our eyes to the lives of people who are different from us. Just Mercy appears to be for one audience, but this film is for an audience with an open mind and desire to understand our present by looking at our collective past.

By Mya Anderson