Intentionality Through Collaboration

Herbert Bail Orchestra is an LA based band with a classy, unique sound. This band consists of a unique variety of artists who come together to collaborate to create music. Herbert Bail is a collective “alter ego” that they use to identify their collective group of artists that come together to make a unique sound using a variety of instruments. The Orchestra’s Anthony Frattolillo sat down with us to discuss the heart behind the band.

What is admirable about this band is that they stay true to their sound, they aren’t only seeking to produce sound that sells. Instead, they focus on staying true to who they are and sharing the music that they create based off of their own passion. In the interview, Frattolillo talked about the value that they have as a band of intentionality behind music. They aren’t rushing to create new sound for fans quickly. Instead, they take time to intentionally create the best sound they can before releasing it.

They find value in being known for their originality and are not looking to blend in with mainstream music. The confidence they have in the sound they created, even though it is much different from mainstream music, is inspiring. It exemplifies the beauty of staying true to who you are. To learn more about the heart behind their heart behind their sound, check on the interview that you can find here on our site as well!

By Macy Waddingham