Deadpool 2 - What is the Hype Really About?

Character arch, plot, the realization that nothing matters, and jokes that you would not be comfortable sharing in front of your grandparents. With the new release of the action Marvel film Deadpool 2 it has been followed by a flurry of both positive and negative reviews along with collecting quite a hefty income at the box office.  We were first introduced to this major hit live action film adaptation of Marvel’s popular comic character Deadpool in his first movie released in 2016. We the audience were given a character who knows that he’s a fictional character with a unique set of abilities and an undying sense of humor which can many times be blunt, in your face, and down right vulgar at times. He’s quite a beloved and recognized character but is also certainly no role model and especially not so much of a film for the kids. But why then are we so attracted to Deadpool and his films?

Well, the answer simply has to do with his sense of humor. Deadpool, along with his uniques set of abilities, is also gifted with the ability to recognize that he is a fictional character and that none of this matters. With this he is able to recognize any flaws in his own movie and point it out even before we do. We also pokes fun at us, the audience and at our culture showing any circumstance he sees fit in a lighter, funnier light. And for many watching we often like getting to laugh at things we recognize as flawed or even at ourselves.

Along with his uniques sense of humor Deadpool also gives a developed movie complete with character arch and plot filled with laughs and action around every corner.

While not a movie for every audience it is certainly a very enjoyed film by many because of it’s action packed, humor filled film which if you’re okay with R-rated movies with a much more adult sense of humor than you may wish to give it a try.