Christina Aguilera's Women's Thought Movement
Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera’s new single Fall in Line features Demi Lovato, creating a powerful anthem for women. In the lyric video, we see pictures of women, different parts of their upper bodies. The lyrics to the song are written in sharpie on the pictures adding a more personal feeling to the video. As you watch the video, it feels like you are being drawn into the message. During the chorus, instead of the pictures, there are videos of women’s lips saying the lyrics. Even though you can’t see their eyes, you can see the strength, and the weakness in women. They are doing what the song mentions, they are breaking the barriers and breaking the tradition. They are showing strength, they are showing weakness. They are feeling. Towards the end of the song, you hear a man’s voice calling an ordering march and telling someone to “Stick you’re a** out for me… Who told you you’re allowed to think.”

For decades that’s what the tradition was. Women couldn’t think for themselves, they couldn’t do anything outside their “womanly duties” This song tells women to break free of the mold that they need be beautiful and sexy. The song encourages women to think for themselves and to not let them be put in the molds that have existed for so long. I listened to this song several times before really sinking in to the meaning. There is a point in the song, the main chorus, that they sing, “It’s just the way it is. Maybe it’s never gonna change, but I got a mind to show my strength, and I got a right to speak my mind.” This part sticks out because the song doesn’t call for earthly change in men or in society, but for the women to take charge of themselves. It calls for an uprising of women to not fall in line with what the world says and what society thinks, but what they think. I personally enjoy this song because it’s not pushing women to just be strong and to become equal to men, but it encourages them to make decisions for themselves. It tells them that no matter what their bodies are like, no matter what the outside looks like, that you can fight for what you believe in and no one can stop you.