Cardi B: The Icon

Cardi B has skyrocketed in popularity and influence. She has gone from being a stripper, to being a musical icon. Cardi B has gone from having no notoriety, to being a household name among a large class of people. She’s someone who a variety of people look to be, and who a lot of people wish to emulate in order to reach the success that she has achieved.

So what exactly is it that we can see from the success that this young artist has achieved? We can learn that you do not need to change who you are in order to make art. As I listen to Cardi B’s music and I listen to her speak, I realize that she does not put on a persona. Cardi B does not hold back her personality in interviews or during her performances, she is who she is. Her truthfulness is one of her biggest assets, because no one can relate to someone who is a liar.

Cardi B does not rap about situations she has not been in herself. In one of my favorite songs of hers,  “Be Careful” she tells the listeners to be careful with how they treat her. It is her rhyme filled lines, that really capture this. For me personally, I find her use of rhyme and her use of her story to be compelling. It’s not extremely different from what we hear on the radio, but her execution of such material is a small breath of fresh air.

A tip that I have learned from Cardi B is that with truthfulness, comes uniqueness. Cardi B’s truth seeps into her music. God has created each individual differently, and each trial and test that an individual goes through is their own. Although you may go through ups and down that are similar to someone else’s, it is never going to be the exact same; and the way you express your feelings about the matter will differ. That is what makes lyricism so unique in music. Although many songs may share similar themes in their music, their ways of expression of the theme through their music will differ. Music is meant to be unique and based off of your own mind; Cardi B is a huge symbol for that exact thing.

I wanted to believe that Cardi B was a fad when she put out “Bodak Yellow,” and it was just a party theme. I didn’t anticipate the rise that she would have and I didn’t anticipate that she would influence so much. Now I believe her to be a legend in the making. It took me a while to accept this, because when we think of legends we think of Michael Jackson, The Beatles, David Bowie, Beyonce, and etc. Legends are people who break the mold of time and live on past their expiration date. I believe Cardi B’s music does and will do just that, because of her honesty in her music along with some banging tunes. Truthfully, it is not her music that makes me like her so much; it is her personality. Her genuine love for the people around her, her fans, her music, that’s what makes me like her to the extent that I do. Her legacy is that she is a vocal role model; showing us all what it looks like to be ourselves and express our stories through art despite tribulations.

Cardi B’s message may have a little too much cussing and a little too much rawness to it for strict Christian listeners. Christ accepts everyone for who they are, despite what words came out their mouth. She sees the world differently than anyone else may see the world because she sees it through her eyes. Her truth is something that cannot be denied and the ears that wish to listen to the words she has to say, show what our culture yearns for. Most of us just want to hear catchy tracks; but those who wants to listen to a person's story, can find this in her music.