Adult Life Skills

How do we cope with loss? Past the age of eighteen, we are generally required to soldier on and move forward, like adults. But sometimes this seems impossible. And instead... we move backwards.

Adult Life Skills is a 2016 British comedy film that is getting it’s US release in January 2019. It is directed and written by Rachel Tunnard. The film stars main Doctor Who cast member, Jodie Whittaker; whose growing popularity is most likely the reason that it is being released in the US almost three years later.

The film follows Jodie Whittaker’s character (Anna), a thirty year old woman who lives in a shed at the base of her mother’s house. Anna’s joy was ripped away from her with the loss of her twin brother several years earlier. She spends her days making home videos of her two thumbs, which she draws faces on, and makes them have conversations about existence and the futility of life. Her attempts at continued isolation are thwarted when her mother demands that she move out of the shed and get a job. Her school friend also requests Anna’s assistance at her teaching job, where Anna meets a rebellious eight year old boy who is obsessed with westerns. The young boy begins following her. The local estate agent is also trying to get a date, forcing Anna to confront her reality and begin to once again see the joy in life.

Adult Life Skills conjures a place that everyone has been at some point in their life. Trapped in grief, coping in an unhealthy way, and wondering why we are all here in the first place. But it does this from a comedic, heartwarming point of view. It reminds us that there is always hope and that we have the ability to heal and rekindle joy. It is a poignant look at the human condition and promises a feel good experience that will bring laughter and hope.

By Mya Anderson


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