Winter Watch List

Winter is here. For many people, myself included, this means burrowing into your bed, turning off your lights and hibernating until Easter. Unless you have classes, which unfortunately I do. So the best form of distraction is going to the movie theatre, grabbing some popcorn and kicking back for the evening. Here at Narrative we have compiled a list of films to help you beat the winter blues. Here are our top four films to be watching for this month.

Everybody Knows

Friday 02/08/2019

Everybody Knows is a chilling, Spanish-language, psychological thriller, featuring talents such as Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. When a young woman returns home for a wedding she is thrown into a spider’s game that will bring old secrets from the dust and back to life.

What Men Want

Friday 02/08/2019

A remake of the atrocity “What Women Want” starring walking disgrace Mel Gibson, this refreshed reboot starring Taraji P. Henson promises to delight and entertain. When successful sports agent Ali Davis is passed up for a big promotion she embarks on a night of wild entertainment and thanks to a chance encounter with a psychic, ends up with the dubious ability of hearing the thoughts of every man around her.

Isn’t It Romantic?

Wednesday 02/13/209

Many of us have dreamt of the perfect fairytale romance but that’s rarely how it actually happens. When young publicist Natalie hits her head and wakes up the emergency room she finds out that she’s woken up in an alternate romantic comedy type universe where everyone is beautiful and every man is in love with her. Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth star in Isn’t it Romantic?

Fighting With my Family

Friday 02/22/2019

Every family is different and unique, but is your family entirely made up of professional wrestlers? Newcomer Florence Pugh stars as a Saraya the real life professional wrestler who crawled her way to victory from the ground up.

By Mya Anderson