The Hard Work in Creating: Girlboss

I recently had an opportunity to watch Girlboss, a 2017 Netflix original series based of of the true story of Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Nasty Gal Clothing.

Whether or not the story is entirely accurate to what happened, in reality, this Netflix original is a compelling story of a young, poor, creative girl who experienced success after working hard from the ground up. As creative entrepreneurs, we all feel at some point the pull to find something we love and to create an opportunity for ourselves to create that thing for the rest of our lives; with nothing holding us back but ourselves. Sophia Amoruso, shows us that we can in fact do that through hard work.

The series, created by Kay Cannon, starts with the main character (Sophia) working a minimum wage job just trying to get by. When she finds a vintage jacket in a Thrift Store however, she gets the spark she has been looking for to move forward! She takes the old jacket and market’s it as a beautiful fashion piece, which then inspires her to create more pieces in similar fashion and to sell them for money. Sophia’s story very quickly becomes a compelling narrative that highlights all of the struggles, anxieties, downfalls, and excitement of being a creative entrepreneur. It shows a raw and real story that others can relate to.

People rejected her, she had instances where everything she had built seemed to crash to the ground, but in the end, despite all of her struggles, the result of her working through it all, is the creation of the massive Nasty Gal Clothing Brand that we know today.

Maybe you’re not a 20 something year old girl who likes to sell clothes on eBay, I know I’m not. However, it is still a compelling story that has inspired me. It gives hope that at the end of the struggles that I may face as a creative entrepreneur, there is something greater beyond. Check out the story and let it give you that same hope too.

By Joshua Stanley