Bridging the Gap: Lauren DeMaio

Here at Narrative, our very own Joshua Stanley recently had the opportunity to interview Lauren DeMaio, a Christian/Pop musician from New York. Typically, Christian Music is placed in it’s own genre, and considering the title “Christian music,” a majority of listeners tend to be Christian. If you check out Lauren DeMaio on Spotify, you will find that she is an artist looking to “bridge the gap” that separates Christian music from other genres, by producing music created to attract and bring hope and truth to “all” music listeners.

Lauren has had quite a bit of music experience, starting in her childhood years, during which she spent time learning and playing instruments including piano and guitar. After leading in a youth group worship band at fourteen years old, the role that music played in her life changed dramatically as she learned that music could be used to fulfill a greater purpose and to help find a deep connection and relationship with God.

Until about a year ago, Lauren enjoyed music but was allowing it to take a back seat to sports while in college. That is until around last year, when she got very sick and had to take a leave of absence in college, as she was in the hospital for a month. Throughout that time, Lauren started writing songs. She had not planned to create a record with these songs, but after showing the music to her friends, she realized that the music that she created could be shared with others, to help and encourage other people. The music she wrote during her month long stay at the hospital, later became her entire first record.

Through singing and worship, Lauren says that she has been able to develop a deeper connection with the Holy Spirit. Her first record is authentic and real, and came out of a vulnerable place in which she was not writing to perform, but writing songs to help her connect with God during a hard time in her life.

Lauren’s goal through this record is to “reach the unreachable.” She wants her music to speak to both people who do and do not identify as Christian. She wants to attract people to the message of hope within her songs, who may not be attracted to the typical “Christian” music that many of us are familiar with.

Lauren is very real and down to earth. In the interview, she talks about finding a balance between her studies, personal life, and her music career. She shares about real situations in which people have shared with her, misconceptions that they have about God. Through the stories that she shares, we learn that such misconceptions that people believe, break her heart; and she has a true desire to use her music to share the truth with others  about who God is and what His pure love for us really looks like.

Lauren DeMaio is an artist that we can all learn a lot from. She is honest, authentic and does not pretend to be perfect in any way. Instead, she demonstrates how being real about sharing even the imperfections in our stories, can help others to connect better with you.  Through her life and work, she presents the message that everyone in any kind of walk of life they are in, can take even messy, imperfect situations and find hope. To learn more about her creating process and the heart behind her work, listen to her full interview, featured below.

By Macy Waddingham