Challenging the Nature of Reality: "Undone"

Animation carries more power than people believe. In recent years, we’ve seen a growing acceptance of 2D animation as a medium for children and adults. For many years, 2D animation was seen as an art form that could only be enjoyed by children. The Walt Disney company is partially responsible for this mindset as they monetized this medium and marketed it specifically to children. 

However, we’ve seen a great deal of spectacular animation recently. We watched Into the Spiderverse take home an Oscar for best-animated feature. The reason the category of animated feature even exists is that Beauty and the Beast took home Best Picture when it was released. We also saw a groundbreaking phenomenon in rotoscope technology with the release of Loving Vincent, a touching homage to the great artist, in which a team of a hundred artists painstakingly painted frame by frame over actors and sets in the late artist’s style. 

With these works, we bore witness to an evolution of the craft. This is not to say that elsewhere and underground there were not groundbreaking works of animation being created; but now we see this art form brought more into the mainstream. And with that, let’s talk about Undone

Undone is an upcoming Amazon original series that is directed by Raphael Matthew Bob-Waksberg. The series stars Rosa Salazar, Bob Odenkirk, and Daveed Diggs. The show is fully animated and follows Salazar’s character, Alma. After Alma is in a terrible car accident she begins seeing visions of her father. Who then proceeds to show her the very delicate and fluid nature of reality. 

The trailers are compelling. Smooth yet minimalist animation. A compelling and unobvious storyline about time travel and the nature of reality. Undone promises much but it remains to see how they will deliver. For now, animation lovers and fans of fantastical stories, give this trailer a watch. 

-By Mya Anderson