"Love Antosha" Remembers Young Artist Anton Yelchin

Sometimes, people that we love, artists we admire, are gone too soon. Whether it be by illness or a freak accident, death steals from the art world too. 

Anton Yelchin was a young, up and coming actor who was gaining success and popularity due to his role in the Star Trek Reboots. He appeared in a number of Indie films and gave his voice to several animated features as well. He was young, talented, and absolutely beloved by his co-stars and friends. And then we lost him. 

In a split second, Yelchin was gone. He was 27 years old. 

The world recoiled in shock. He had so many movies coming out at the time and every one of them was dedicated to his memory. A bronze statue was erected at his grave, at which many other celebrities were present. Everyone mourned the loss of such a bright young star. Many artists asked themselves, “what is the best way to keep his legacy alive?”

Love Antosha is a documentary that follows the life of the young actor and seeks to explore who he was as a person rather than as a public figure. Through it, we will be able to learn so much more about the young actor. Bits from the trailer tell us that he was fascinated by performance art and darker storytelling. He was also briefly in a punk band. The film includes interviews with Yelchin himself but also many of his co-stars and directors. 

As artists sometimes the best way to mourn, the best way to keep someone’s legacy alive, is to make good art. 

By Mya Anderson