The American Hero Film we Need: "Harriet"

Are you tired of the white savior films yet? I know I am. This weeks recommendation is one that finally puts a spotlight on a true American hero. Harriet Tubman. 

For anyone who wasn’t paying attention in their history class, Harriet Tubman was the famed abolitionist who freed herself from slavery by traveling 100 miles north while being trailed by bounty hunters. After working for some time in Pennsylvania she felt called by God to return for her family and the rest of those who were still enslaved. She became one of the leaders on the underground railroad. She embarked on thirteen rescue missions. She was known as Moses because of her use of Old Testament language including “the promised land”.

The upcoming biopic, Harriet is directed by newcomer Kasi Lemmons who also wrote the screenplay. The film stars Cynthia Erivo, Joe Alwyn, Leslie Odom Jr, and Janelle Monae.

The film follows Harriet as a young adult and her process towards escape and her eventual ascension into one of the greatest abolitionist and freedom fighters during slavery. 

From the looks of the trailer, we are in for a deeply personal and rich drama about one woman who risked everything to fight for the freedom of others. Stylish yet honest and raw, perhaps Harriet will be the film that addresses the horrors of slavery without focusing on several white protagonists and antagonists. 

by Mya Anderson