The Division of "Black and Blue"

How many times a day have we heard someone make the statement “Black lives matter!”, only to have another person respond with “Blue lives matter!”, only for a third party to chime in saying “All lives matter!”, thinking that they are being helpful but in reality are screaming into an aching void of trite sentiments.

Black and Blue, directed by Deon Taylor, has no time for any such sentiments. It is bent on delivering harsh cold reality in the guise of a thrilling action film. It stars powerhouses Naomie Harris, Tyrese Gibson, and Frank Grillo. 

Naomie Harris plays a rookie cop, believing that because of her skin color, people will trust her despite her loaded uniform, and gun. “Do you think you’re black or blue?” Her mentor queries. At this point she is unsure. Her fragile grip on her culture and identity are ripped away from her when she sees a shady deal going down between some cops and some CIA. They shoot her, realizing too late that she’s wearing a body cam and if she survives they are all going down. She has no one to trust, no place to hide, and no remaining time. She must navigate a black neighborhood that despises the blue whilst carrying a bounty on her head. 

Black and Blue is pulling no punches. It is hard, fast, gritty, and raw. It is topical. The film sets the black lives matter movement as the subtext of the film and they are going to utilize it the best way they can. The trailer sets hearts racing and breaking. Check it out for yourself. 

By Mya Anderson