Who Is Narrative?

Our Mission Statement reads that

“The Narrative is a growing network of Christian artists who examine the art of our day; while leaving our own unique artistic footprint, all to the glory of God.”

Let’s break that down, shall we?


The Narrative is a growing network of Christian artists…

Think how boring life would be without color. Without sounds or smells. Imagine if there was no taste or touch. Wouldn’t that be just miserable?

The Bible tells us that  “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…” (Genesis 1:1)

The Bible is clear that there is one God who exists as 3 persons: Father, Son (Jesus), and Spirit. This one God has always existed (He has no beginning or end), and is infinitely loving, joyful and creative.

Out of the overflow of His love and joy, God created a world that has His fingerprints all over it. Out of all things He made, the pinnacle of His creation was humans made in His image. This means that since He is a creative God, we are born with the ability and desire to create. It is in our very DNA to create.

Hence the Narrative.

The Narrative was created to bring together artists who have a relationship with the God of the Bible and who are seeking to use their God-given abilities to put Him on display in the world around us. We are a growing network in that as other Christians catch the vision of what God is doing through us (see below for more of a detailed description on that), they are welcome to join us on this journey.


Who examines the art of our day…

Since all humans are made in the image of God, all humans, then, have the capability to make art and there are many who choose to do just that. The only caveat: not all humans have a relationship with God.

Without God at the center of our art, something has to take center stage: some story or ideology or worldview.

The Narrative exists to look at the art of our day (music, movies, television shows, podcasts, etc.) to examine the deeper messages that the art is telling us. We believe that every story has a creation element to it, a fall element to it, a redemption element to it, and a restoration element to it.

Soma Communities, a church plant started in Tacoma, Washington, sheds light on this for us:

Every person on the planet is living their life inside of and in light of a larger story shaped by the country they live in, the cultures surrounding them, the family they were raised in, the worldview they believe… Until they understand all of this in light of the Redemptive Story of God, they will give themselves to lesser stories that do not work.”

We believe the larger story is primarily GOD’S story…

  • Creation - God is the Creator and Originator of all things – I exist because of Him.

  • Fall - We rebelled against God and the punishment for doing so, without Jesus would be death.

  • Redemption - Jesus died to save us from death.  When we put our faith in Him, we allow ourselves to receive His grace; which leads to everlasting life with Him.

  • Restoration - When we accept the grace and love that Jesus so freely gives us into our own lives, God blesses us with His Spirit. His Spirit then guides us and leads us into God’s amazing plan for each of our lives.

So every piece of art we look at, we are looking at through this lens. What is it telling us? What does it tell us about life? About struggles? About faith?

Stories are powerful—therefore, we believe it is important for us to examine the underlying stories of others and to see where they will take us.


While leaving our own unique artistic footprint…

Besides looking at other people’s art, we also take the time to leave our own artistic footprint.

God made us to know Him! Just think about the impact that our art can have on others! Imagine talking to the One who created life and color and asking for inspiration from Him to make a piece that is truly beautiful! Imagine talking to the One who invented sound itself, and reflecting that with songs and instruments!

It is breathtaking that the One who created all things calls us to a relationship with Himself—and then allows us to be a part of His story. He has uniquely gifted and crafted each and every one of us. God calls us to use these gifts to put Him on display in an untold number of ways!

This is what we are seeking to do as we leave our own artistic footprint: to put God on display so others can see what He is like! What an amazing opportunity that is!


All to the glory of God…

Everything we do as Narrative revolves around pointing people to God!

Since there is a God who does exist, who made us in His image to reflect Him to the world around us, we would be off target to leave Him on the sidelines.

Instead, we seek to make art that puts Him on display, so people can see what He is really like. He really is a creative, beautiful, and powerful God, who entered our story in Jesus to do everything possible (with His perfect life, death, and resurrection) to bring us back to Him. When we are restored to Him, we have the capability to become fully alive—and there is nothing quite like being alive with God’s power and love and creativity pouring through our veins to show others what He is like.

This is who we are and what we want to do as Narrative—and we invite you to join this journey with us!