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Uniting the world of independent creatives who are challenging the world around us through faith, art, and storytelling.

In our world and culture, there is a growing divide between the "Christian church" and the world around it. This is especially evident in the division between so-called "Christian artists," who create explicitly Christian art for a solely conservative Christian audience, and Christians who are creating art or telling stories on a broader scale.

I want Narrative to be a community of Christians who are artists. Artists who are united, who share work and stories, and who do not not feel condemned by a “judgmental Christian eye” but allows them to be in the company of other artists with a worldview that believes there is something deeper than just this world. I really don't want Narrative to be a place where people can only talk "Christianise" or where there is only one belief system but rather a place of Christians seeking to reflect Jesus' love, inclusivity, and his revolutionary drive to make our world a better place. I want Narrative to be a place where the mentality and drive of Jesus are reflected powerfully with creative art and storytelling. Not just with the goal of making money or becoming famous, but rather to work towards inspiring impactful change. Narrative and Narrative Artists are not people who seek to maintain some false sense of status quo or security but to challenge the world around them through and what they create.

My hope for Narrative is that it becomes a place for these people to share their stories and what they create, but also be a place to learn from others. The issue with separating yourself from the world is that you end up ignoring it or pretending it doesn't exist. Narrative is not a place to be away from the world but to learn from it through the stories of others because We Are the Narrative Now.

by Joshua Stanley // founder & ceo

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